In the Spotlight - Kandice Korte

Kandice Korte
Morgante Wilson Architects

Dec 19, 2019 - 5 min read


In the Spotlight - Kandice Korte

If you’ve ever called our office, or walked through our front door, you’ve already “met” Kandice Korte, our office manager for the last five years. Kandice keeps MWA humming along with good cheer and a steady smile. You can get to know Kandice a little better by reading our recent interview with her!

Let’s start at the beginning: Where did you go to school, and what is your degree?

I went to the University of Iowa, where I studied history.

And then?

I worked in the real estate industry for twenty-five years before coming to Morgante Wilson. I was ready to leave some of the chaos of real estate behind – and end my downtown commuting days, too. MWA is a lot closer to home, and it’s such a pleasant place to work.

What’s your favorite thing about MWA?

There are so many things I could name, but probably the biggest one is that Fred and Elissa have created such a positive environment. There’s a real spirit of teamwork that makes the office – and the work they put out – so great. I think clients can sense that as much as the people who work here every day.

Speaking of clients, what’s the one thing you think every one of them should have in their house?

That’s easy: A cozy place for their families to gather – which of course, our team gives them!

Tell us about your own house: What’s the most meaningful thing in it?

Wow! My house is full of heirlooms. The most significant is probably a bedroom suite that originally belonged to my great, great grandparents.

What’s on your coffee table at the moment?

I like to switch things up. I put three big deer on my coffee table at the beginning of the holidays, and they’re still there.

What’s the last thing you bought for your home?

Hmmmm. I think my most recent purchase was a mattelaise coverlet for the antique bed I just mentioned. One of my dachshunds thought the inside of the old one was the perfect place to bury a bone!

You seem pretty proud of your home. But if you could build your dream house, what would it be like?

Actually, it’d be much like my current home – though some days, I’d prefer it to be in a warmer location!

What might your coworkers be surprised to find are your passions outside the office?

Spending time with my family tops the list, but I also enjoy volunteering with my church and doing photography.

Thanks, Kandice!

Kandice Korte

Morgante Wilson Architects