In The Spotlight - Joshua Welch

Kandice Korte
Morgante Wilson Architects

Jul 8, 2020 - 5 min read


In The Spotlight - Joshua Welch

Meet Josh Welch, an architectural project manager at MWA. Here he shares his thoughts on travel, cars, and furniture – and the reason he enjoys working at MWA so much he left and returned three years later.

You really worked here once and then came back again?

I did! My first stint with MWA was in 2012. I stayed three years until personal reasons took me to Washington, D.C. When I returned to Chicago, I returned to MWA. In total, I’ve been with the firm six years. I’ve always enjoyed the camaraderie here, and the fact that I’m constantly learning.

Speaking of learning, where did you go to school and what did you study?

I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and received my BS in Architectural Studies and my Master of Architecture there. My college diplomas are the most meaningful things in my home.

Let’s talk more about your home. What’s the last thing you bought for it?

The last thing I bought was a new bench for my dining room. I purchased it because the one I had before wasn’t wide enough for my dog to lie on and watch the birds and squirrels outside. He’s a six-year-old cocker spaniel and he’s pretty special to me.

Love that you buy furniture specifically for your dog! What are your own preferences in furniture?

I prefer clean, simple lines, and tend to be a modernist at heart. You’ll never find an oversized piece of furniture in my house – no overstuffed sofas or chairs, though I would love to own a Steinway Model B.

Do you play?

Yes, I do. I grew up playing the grand that my grandmother and mother learned on.

What’s on your coffee table?

A lot of books on art and architecture, including a really fun portfolio of images called Drive that shows people driving their cars around Los Angeles during the 90s. It’s an interesting view of people’s interaction with the public from the privacy of their cars.

We’ve heard you’re really into cars. Tell us more.

I am! I have a passion for well-designed cars. From technology to materiality to form, I think the automotive industry has been, and will continue to be, at the forefront of design. Architects can gain a lot from looking at what’s happening there.

So far that’s dogs, piano, and cars. What else are you passionate about?

I absolutely love to travel. I find the biggest joys in my life are the times I spend exploring new places, other cultures, and meeting people. The anticipation of going somewhere new keeps me focused year to year.

How are you satisfying your wanderlust during the pandemic?

I’ve been watching a lot of travel vlogs, I listen to Rick Steves’s podcasts, and I read a lot of travel books. I’m also a patron for a vlog called Attaché on YouTube. They produce the most wonderful travel videos. I’ve watched every episode multiple times. You should check them out!

Thanks for the tip. A lot of our clients share your passion for travel – hopefully, they will, too!

Kandice Korte

Morgante Wilson Architects