In The Spotlight - Caitlin Ladner

Kandice Korte
Morgante Wilson Architects

Oct 15, 2020 - 5 min read


In The Spotlight - Caitlin Ladner

Meet Caitlin Ladner, one of the behind-the-scenes team members at Morgante Wilson we couldn’t live without. Her position as Purchasing Manager is a new addition to our staff – and a most welcome one, as she keeps our projects moving and our clients happy!

Tell us about your role at the firm.

I’ve been with MWA for two years. I’m the first Purchasing Manager the company has ever had. My favorite part of the job is that I can see how the addition of this position has been super helpful for everyone in the office. Being appreciated is pretty motivating.

What are three adjectives people might use to describe you?

Hmmmm. People have told me I’m dependable, organized, and easy- going – all of which are important in a job like mine!

Though you’re not an architect or a designer, you’re in the industry. What have you learned about what every house needs?

Even before I started here, I’ve always thought every house should have a really great front porch. I live in a neighborhood full of old, Victorian homes with amazing wrap-around porches. I love admiring them on my walks. The people who live in those houses are so lucky to be able to sit outside and relax and watch the world go by. I also think if you can’t have a porch, you should aim for a hot tub!

What’s one thing we’d never find in your own house?

A Keurig coffee maker. Who really only drinks one cup of coffee a day? I love my French press coffee – and it doesn’t involve any wasteful pods.

What’s on your coffee table at the moment?

Let’s see, there’s a photo book I made of my trip to Africa. And a cool paperweight with a piece of the Berlin wall in it. Everyone in my family was gifted one.

Speaking of family, we hear you have an interesting fact to share about yours.

It’s true. I’m an only child – but I have 52 first cousins! My extended family is huge.

Did they all get paperweights?

(Laughs) Funny question!

What else in your home is meaningful to you?

My mother’s perfume bottle collection. She had been collecting them since she was a teenager and people continued to gift them to her over the years. I love the collection because I know the story behind each bottle – one of them is even from Egypt! And I love them even more because I can continue to add to them. I was very excited to be gifted them.

If you were an MWA client, what would you request as your dream home?

I’ve always loved mid-century ranch homes, like you find in Palm Springs. Or if my home could look like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, that would be even better!

Where did you go to school?

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Harrington College of Design.

If you weren’t working for Morgante Wilson, what might you be doing instead?

Probably something in finance or accounting. Though in my dreamland, I’d take a year off altogether and travel!

Kandice Korte

Morgante Wilson Architects