Our clients loved their 1920s colonial home, but decided it was time to brighten up its heavy arts and crafts design while also adding some family-friendly spaces. After they were referred Morgante Wilson Architects, they began planning a renovation that not only gave their home a light, open transitional style, but also established an energizing connection with the outdoors.

The new design of the home is airy and crisp, with lots of open & strong but simplified architectural details, such as a gorgeous oval spiral staircase spanning all four floors at the center of the home. A primary consideration in design decisions was maintaining clear sightlines to the outdoors. For example, the home’s original layout had a fireplace in the center of a wall toward the backyard, blocking the view and negating opportunity to appreciate the outdoors. Our team rectified this by moving the fireplace to an interior wall, freeing up the back wall of the home. That wall was then replaced with a glass Nanawall, which completely folds back to fully expose the family room to a screen porch addition that fully opens up to the outside gardens.

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