Our Best Residential Architectural & Interior Design Ideas (part 2)

By Chicago Architects Elissa Morgante & Fred Wilson


10 Designs We Love – And What You Can Learn From Them, Part Two

Last time, we shared with you ten – ok, eleven! of our favorite residential architectural and interior design projects and the reasons we love them. This time, we’ll add another set to the mix. At Morgante Wilson Architects, we’re lucky to work with clients who are willing to push the envelope, raise the bar, and challenge us to think ever more creatively. For that, we’re grateful. Read on to see what we mean:

Dining Room Design:

No reservations here – from its sleek square table and scenic wallcovering to its recessed circular inset ceiling, this dining room makes a dramatic design statement well-suited to even the most extravagant gatherings. Yet it’s quiet, subtle, and calming. We love the look. And we love the mix.


Multi-Purpose Room Design:

Vacation homes are among our favorite projects to do because they allow us to break the rules a bit – people live more freely in a weekend getaway, and think more freely about space than they typically do in their primary residence. This Wisconsin home proves  the point, courtesy of its massive, multi-purpose room intended for dining, gathering, relaxing, playing, you name it. Plus, an entire elevation of windows welcomes rolling scenery that reminds occupants they’re away from home.


Dining Room Interior Design:

This sophisticated dining room is a recent addition to our faves list, thanks to its deep, inky walls and sleek, low-slung furnishings. Not quite traditional, not quite mid-century, it strikes a timeless balance between now and then that seems utterly on-trend today.

Dining Room Design: 

We fall in love with this dining room all over again every time we lay eyes on it. Let’s start at the top: the brick, barrel vaulted ceiling is a stunner. Not one, but two chandeliers drip with drama over the long – and I mean long – dining table. The chairs are mismatched in the most luxurious of ways. And then there’s the fireplace, arguably one of the most welcome elements you could possibly include in a room meant for lingering.

 Kitchen Design:

Truly one-of-a-kind, this penthouse kitchen really speaks to us. The rounded ends of its island evoke Art Deco styling – but its marble slab backsplash (which glides, on the left,  to reveal recessed shelves for spices, oils, and vinegars)  is purely contemporary in spirit. It’s an eclectic mix we can’t get enough of.

Master Bedroom Design:

Though restful and relaxing, this bedroom also speaks to the varied artistic interests of its owners – a sometimes tough combination to pull off in a room meant first and foremost for sleeping.  Neutral creams and grays set the stage – objects, though abundant, are mostly muted in color. Custom shelving showcases the collection without overtaking the room, proving bedroom décor can stretch beyond pillows and picture frames when thoughtfully designed.


Family Room Design:

Hip yet warm, slightly edgy yet incredibly comfortable, we love this room for all its juxtapositions. And its natural light, which to us is a key component of any space in which people will spend time. Tall windows practically disappear into the paneled ceiling, lending the room a uniquely easy sort of drama.

Another Master Bedroom Design:

A dramatically upholstered bed nestled into a neon-accented niche is the focal point of this bedroom, which we love for its overall simplicity. Yet look closely, and you’ll notice exciting details at every turn, from the unusual slopes of its ceiling, to the seemingly piled- upon cylinders making up the bed frame. To us, rooms that slowly reveal themselves over time offer the best surprises of all, rather than those that hit you over the head with loud design statements.


All-Season Room Design:

This room made the cover of Luxe magazine (link to Luxe issue if you can), and for good reason: can you imagine any place you’d rather spend a free afternoon, summer, fall, winter, or spring, than right here, curled on a couch overlooking Lake Michigan? We didn’t think so!

LEED-certified Residential Project:

Our first LEED-certified residential project, this house in suburban Glenview is designed around a captivating exterior courtyard visible from every interior room. It’s difficult to describe the particular thrill you get walking from room to room while snow falls, or rain drops, and you feel as though you’re in the middle of it because, well, you actually are. We’ve never done another house quite like this; it continues to hold a place in our affections because of its floorplan’s mesmerizing connection to the outdoors.

Vacation Home Architectural Project:

This Colorado vacation home challenged us in all the best ways. Though seemingly three stories tall, it cleverly meets a one-and-a-half story height restriction necessitated by the steep grade changes of its mountainside site. We loved figuring this one out - and the end result, which allowed us to overcome numerous restrictions while achieving a new take on classic timber style mountain architecture. 


To see more photos of these homes, and other work we’re equally proud of, check out our website (link to website). Thanks for reading

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