Five Ideas for Maximizing Space through Interior Design, Part One

Recently, Morgante-Wilson Architects had the pleasure of designing of a model home for K2 – the trendiest new high-rise in Chicago. The experience allowed us to present our perspective on luxury city living. It also enabled us to share principals we rely on at Morgante-Wilson Architects every day for maximizing space through interior design. Because let’s face it: most of us wish our rooms were a bit bigger and our closets more plentiful.

But lack of space doesn’t mean you need to limit your lifestyle, or even your stuff. The key is to take the space you do have, and make it work its hardest. Since we launched our Interior Design division in 2007, we’ve shown many grateful clients how to do just that. Here are five foolproof ideas you can borrow from  the 1250 square foot model home Morgante-Wilson Architects designed at K2 to maximize space in your own house:


Scale appropriately.

Shop for furnishings specifically designed for modestly sized spaces. Fortunately, this is easy to do. Many retailers sell smaller-scale furniture, like this outstanding table and chairs from Janus et Cie, that offers all the comfort and style of its oversize counterparts. The streamlined dining table and chairs from Casa Spazio in the next photo are another great example of stylish furnishings that won’t overwhelm a smaller space.

Divide and conquer.

K2 apartment in Chicago - view of the Dining Room

It may seem counterintuitive, but even a small room can benefit from the addition of a room divider. This one – positioned between the living and dining areas – helps articulate each space. It also adds character without blocking views. Most important, it delivers functional storage and display. Yes, you can buy multiple vases and gorgeous salad bowls, even if there isn’t room to stow them in your kitchen. Place them on an asymmetrical, floating bookcase such as the one our interior designers chose from A. Rudin, and you have an instant feeling of grandeur. 

Honor the view.

Maybe it’s a spectacular city skyline, like that surrounding the apartments at K2. Or maybe it’s a charming English garden, visible through a cottage’s French doors. Whatever it is, ensure you can enjoy the view by selecting low-profile furnishings that don’t block outdoor vistas. Our interior design team chose a wood marquetry media cabinet from Baker Furniture that does the trick in high style.
Open up.

K2 apartment in Chicago - view of the Living Room

Small spaces call for airy furniture. A clean-lined sofa like this one from The Bright Group, and a reflective glass coffee table, are smarter options than skirted sofas and other blocky furnishings that steal precious visual space. Likewise, a single, enormous piece of artwork from Daniel Kinkade Art Consulting creates a calming focal point and reduces visual clutter as opposed to, say, a dozen smaller picture frames.
Double the function.  Place a bench against an unoccupied wall to gain additional seating. Choose one with a lift-up top and you’ve also got a place to stash out-of-season clothes, extra blankets, or gift wrap.

These are just a few ways our talented team of interior designers used furnishings – and ingenuity – to maximize space at K2. For more ideas on how you can do the same thing in your own home, give us a call!


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