Bedroom Design for Kids: Bunk Rooms that Make Sleepovers a Dream

“Mom, can we have a sleepover?” If you have kids, you’ve no doubt heard the plea. Likewise, you’ve no doubt had to steel yourself for the late-night frenzy of pillow and blanket-gathering that follows. Not to mention the wrestling of blow-up mattresses. If only there was another way.

Ah, but there is! At Morgante Wilson Architects, we’ve learned there’s nothing like turning a kid’s bedroom into a bunk room for accommodating overnight visitors.

Always ready to host a crowd, bunk rooms offer the ultimate in versatility. They allow yours to be the house that easily welcomes elementary school slumber parties, post-prom sleepovers, and weekend reunions hosted by your college-age kids. Furnish your children’s bedrooms with queen beds, and you’ll be in really great shape for guests – adults can stay in your kids’ rooms, and your kids can relocate to the bunk room.

 Two of our recent Chicago-area residential architectural projects – one for a family with four boys; the other for a family with three girls – prove the point. In both houses, the bunk rooms are located in finished basements, allowing the kids to have fun, be loud, and get as silly as they like – without disturbing the rest of the household.

These are not fancy bedrooms, mind you. They’re designed to withstand the antics of active kids. They’re built out with raw building materials - such as 2 x 4’s and plywood- so they’re super sturdy. Paint gives them a finished look; colorful Flor carpet tiles contribute softness and warmth. They’re fun, happy, kid-friendly spaces that really work.

Follow our lead, and you, too, can have a simple, no-fuss room dedicated to welcoming young guests of all ages and stages with ease. Later – much later – your grandkids will enjoy the bunk room as much as your own kids!

To learn more about how lifestyle-focused architects such as the team at Morgante Wilson can design the home of your particular dreams, give us a call.

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